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Add: 5F, Unit A, Building B8, Hi-Tech Medical Device Industrial Park, #818 Gaoxin Avenue, East Lake Development Zone, Wuhan 430206, China
Tel: +86-27-59234623 / 67848871 / 67848872
Fax: +86-27-67848873

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International Distributors

  • Distributor in Portugal:
    Dompany: Biosalus, LDA
    Add: Rua Júlio Dinis, 778 – 5º Esq. 4050-321 Porto
    Email: biosalus@biosalus.pt
    Website: www.biosalus.pt
    Tel.:226 066 687 / 226 066 690
    * Sale and rent of advanced aesthetic apparatus
    * Biosalus is a 20 years company in the portuguese market bets on the innovation and quality of its esstical and health equipment
    * Qualified training offer + continuous technical assistance + warranty extension
After-Sales service offices
  • China: Mr. Darren
    Email: aftersales@gigaalaser.com
  • Spain: Mr. Jordi Bosch
    Email: ingenieria@appliedlasersystems.com
  • USA: Aspen Laser Systems, LLC
    Email: info@aspenlasers.com